Friday, April 02, 2004

Blood and Fire at last!

In 1967, as a young writer, David Gerrold pitched a few stories to Gene Coon, one of which was produced, a few of which weren't. (The one that was produced was "The Trouble With Tribbles.")

In 1987, as one of the creators of Star Trek: The Next Generation, David Gerrold wrote a script that was never produced.

The younger Gerrold decided to turn one of the unproduced pitch stories into a non-Trek science fiction novel. It ended up being a lot different from his original concept. So much so that he was able to turn that original concept into a Star Trek novel a few years later. But that SF novel marked the first appearance of Jonathan Korie, later to appear in Gerrold's Star Wolf novels. And now Gerrold's unfilmed TNG episode, which has become almost legendary among the fans who've heard of it, is a novel in the Star Wolf series.

I've read Blood and Fire the novel but my copy of the script just arrived yesterday. (You can order it through Gerrold's website.)

Blood and Fire isn't just another science fiction novel. It's an important chapter in Star Trek history. The book adapts the most notorious lost Star Trek episode and makes some biting commentary on behind the scenes events at the Star Trek office in 1987. Allegorically, of course. It's not a Star Trek book but it is a book about Star Trek. So, when I've had a chance to read the script, I'll be doing a little feature article about the Star Trek/Star Wolf story on my website.

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