Monday, July 05, 2004

Random rumblings

Remember the CD ROM of UK comic strips I mentioned a couple weeks ago? I got my copy from Rich Handley. Lots of good stuff, nicely scanned, and there's a bonus, too: scans of the comic strips from the Power Records Star Trek book and record sets. I suggested that Rich include mp3s of the records, and he may well do so. They aren't that hard to find online.

You've probably already heard that James (Scotty) Doohan has Alzheimer's.

At least a couple years ago now, I came across a reference to a planned book on Star Trek and Judaism, Rabbi Yonassan Gershom's Where No Rabbi Has Gone Before. Gershom set up a Yahoo newsgroup to pass on news of the book's progress. I haven't been checking it very often because there aren't a lot of postings there. So the latest news is a month old now. Gershom reports that the book is finished and his agent is shopping it around. I'd be interested in reading this book; Gershom is far from the first person to comment on the presence of Jewish themes in Star Trek. It'd also be a nice change from the several Christian-oriented books out there. (I have to admit that Gershom's published books strike me as an unfortunate blend of flaky and tasteless, being about cases of Holocaust-related cases of reincarnation.)


At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Rabbi Gershom said...

Rabbi Gershom here: Just to let you know, "Jewish Themes in Star trek" is now in print. Visit my site at for ordering info in hardcover, softcover, or a download. The softcover is also on Amazon if you want to lnk there. Live long and prosper!

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry you feel Beyond the Ashes: Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust was "flakey and tasteless." Apparently you have not actually read it. Or perhaps you are not aware that all Hasidic Jews believe in reincarnation? The book was, among other things, a Jewish book Club alternate selection in 1992, received many positive reviews, and has since become a classic in the past-life regression therapy field. Search "Yonassan Gershom" on Google Book Search and you will find hundreds of books citing this work (as wel as my other books, too.) The 20th Anniversary edition is due out later this year (2012).


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