Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm glad Laura and I had lunch with Marco and KRAD...

The Naked Lunch. John Ordover, the former Pocket Books Star Trek novel editor who now runs Phobos, is interestingly exposed in Time Out New York for 6-12 January -- which reveals, complete with nude group photo, his spare-time activity of running Clothing Optional Dinners for NYC naturists. `The unofficial motto of the COD is "No Hot Soup".' It must be healthier than all those frowsty sf conventions....
From the latest issue of David Langford's SF newsletter, Ansible, always an entertaining read. I especially enjoy Thog's Masterclass (quotes of really awful science fiction prose) and As Others See Us, dimwitted comments about SF and SF fans from outsiders. It's a quick read, once a month, and it's free. Plus, Langford, an SF writer and editor, is the brother of Jon Langford of the Mekons. Which is cool.

(Incidentally, it was back in the summer of '03 that Laura and I visited New York City and got to meet John, Marco, Keith, and some other folks at Pocket, all of whom were very nice indeed. It was even cooler than the time I was walking out of the washroom at Toronto Trek while George Takei was walking in and he said "Hi.")

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