Thursday, September 08, 2005

Continuing the Star Trek anniversary fun...

But wait, there's more!

Click on the image above! For probably just a limited time only, you can relive the exciting book-and-record experience of the 1970s with Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek story Passage to Moauv. Each page of this web experience gives you a full page scan of the story in comic book format and a link to the corresponding sound file.

  • a blonde, caucasian Uhura!
  • a black Sulu!
  • a blue-skinned, humanoid, non-furry M'ress!
  • a Captain Kirk who sounds nothing like William Shatner!
  • M'ress overdoing the rolled Rs!
Revisit a simpler time in Star Trek, when there were no annoying references to other Trek TV series... because there weren't any! (Unless you count TAS....)

(Now playing: New Musik, "A Map of You," From A to B.)


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