Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chronic Rift presents Canon Fodder

The latest episode of the Chronic Rift podcast is available, and it features yours truly as the fan perspective in a discussion of media tie-in books. The host is John S. Drew and the pros are Keith R.A. DeCandido and Jeff Mariotte. It was fun, and may sound like it, too, so why not check it out? You can get it from iTunes, the Rift web site, or podOmatic's Rift page (links swiped from KRAD's LJ).

Back around 1992 or so I ended up in a science fiction fan roundtable on the local CBC radio station's afternoon drive time show, because a co-worker knew I was a fan and his wife was a producer at the station who was looking for people to participate. I have a tape of it around here somewhere, but haven't listened to it. Probably just as well. In the podcast discussion, I was dealing with a couple of people I've interacted with online, and one whose blog I used to read regularly, all of whom I've read fiction by. I was a lot more comfortable this time around.

Thanks for inviting me, John!


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