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The Complete Starfleet Library is cited as a source in the German book Faszinierend! Star Trek und die Wissenschaften Band 2, or, in English, Fascinating! Star Trek and the Sciences Volume 2.

I'm glad I don't read German, in a way, because there are so many Star Trek nonfiction books published in German that I might otherwise feel the need to buy. Buying books from is easy enough, but the shipping costs are a bit much (yes, I've actually looked into this). But still, I'm intrigued by books like Star Trek in Deutschland: Wie Captain Kirk nach Deutschland kam, Jenseits der Sterne: Gemeinschaft und Identität in Fankulturen. Zur Konstitution des Star Trek-Fandoms, and especially Science and a Sense of Hope - Zum Verhältnis von Wissenschaft und Religion in der Fernsehserie Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Drifting a little, there's also those six Space: 1999 novels only published in German, two of which I own but can't yet read. Maybe someday.)

It's disappointing to go from, with its large number of translated novels and comics and original German nonfiction, to, which has very little Trek material in French. Few novels have been translated in recent years, and original nonfiction about Trek in French seems to be all but nonexistent -- a shame, because I'd be able to read it with a pretty good degree of comprehension. Searching for Patrouille du Cosmos, the title under which I sometimes saw it at my grandparents' in Quebec, didn't help. Turns out that was the Quebec title; according to French wikipedia, France didn't get Star Trek until 1982 and kept the English title.

Anyway, here's the cite (from Google Books):

Yes, I am geeky enough to think it's cool that my site's been cited in a book.


At 9:52 AM, Blogger D. Browning Gibson said...


Also, I finished The Never-Ending Sacrifice and caught Una McCormack's acknowledgement to Ina Rae Hark whose book I was turned on to by your blog and whose book I gave to a friend for his birthday.

Enjoy your success!

At 9:53 AM, Blogger D. Browning Gibson said...


I finished The Never-Ending Sacrifice last night and caught Una McCormack's acknowledgement to Ina Rae Hark whose book I was turned on to by your blog and whose book I gifted a friend for his birthday. Enjoy your success!

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Edgar Governo said...

It's always interesting to me when an English-language franchise produces foreign-language-only tie-in material, especially fictional material. There are a number of Indiana Jones novels which also came out only in German, but I wasn't aware of the Space: 1999 novels until you mentioned it.

The only French Star Trek translations I can recall were the ones in the Winnipeg Public Library system when I was younger. I don't recall what name they used for the franchise, though.

(Portugal and Brasil had different names for it, so I can see why France and Québec would be the same way...)

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Steve said...

I've got a copy of Héros déchus, a Star Trek: Deep Space Neuf (seriously) novel. It's a translation of Dafydd ab Hugh's Fallen Heroes. The publisher did a handful of DS9 and, I think, Voyager novels a few years back.

At 5:11 AM, Anonymous Stephane said...

About French translations, there are not much of them:
- Fleuve Noir published 60 novels in French including TOS and TNG novels. The text was not whole but still it had the merit to exist.
- Ada Inc published the 7 first novels in VOYAGER, the 7 first novels in DS9 and one NEW FRONTIER.
- Recently, Milady published the novelisation of STAR TREK 11 and will perhaps do more but not likely.
- Delcourt has publisehd the comic countdown.
As you can see, that is not much compared with the number of books that exist.
Never mind, I will go on reading them in English


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