Thursday, December 13, 2012

At last! The Star Trek newspaper comic strips

Back in 2005 I first posted about Rich Handley's efforts to get the TMP-era newspaper comic strips into print, and I've had the comic strip book on the Lost Books page for several years. And now volume 1 is out, thanks to IDW. It's a big, beautiful hardcover. So what makes this such a thrill? Well, it's a TMP-era story sequence in graphic form, and there aren't a lot of those -- and at its best the newspaper strip was infinitely better than Marvel's comic at the same time; at its worst, well, it's no worse than Marvel's comic.The art, especially when Thomas Warkentin was working on the strip, was often very good. And legendary SF novelist Larry Niven wrote one of the stories.

Some of the strip was published in a very hard-to-find sort-of comic book format many years ago. The strips have also been made, not very officially, available on CD ROM and online. But this is the best presentation yet. If you've never read these strips (hell, even if you have), and you like TOS, I shouldn't even have to tell you to go out and get this.

It's been a good week or two for me as a media SF fan -- new Blake's 7 novel, new Doctor Who Magazine comic strip collection, new Space: 1999 graphic novel. But for me this is the big deal. Roll on volume 2!


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