Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Website update and blasts from the past continued

Star Trek books editor Marco Palmieri announced on the TrekBBS that a planned trilogy by A.C. Crispin, following on from her two 1980s TOS novels about Spock's son Zar, has been cancelled. So the Lost Books page has been updated accordingly.

Blast From the Past Department: I was poking around in Google's usenet archive, looking through some of my earliest posts online, trying to figure out how long ago I started posting on usenet. I found my first Star Trek-related post:

From: Steve Roby (ae773@Freenet.carleton.ca)

Subject: Out of curiosity...

Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.current

Date: 1993-07-07 14:32:06 PST

I've never posted to r.a.s.c. before, and I don't read it regularly.

Maybe that's why I've been surprised by some of what I've read here.

Out of curiosity... why do so many people here believe bullsh*t

rumors like the 7th season spoilers, but flame the guy who

posted an attributed item from a reliable source? Broadcasting &

Cable is *the* magazine to read if you want to be up on what's

happening with syndicated TV and a host of other topics. It had

information on DS9 long before Starlog or the fan club zine.

In case there are still a few skeptics, the article was *not*

referring to DS9.

A little common sense and a willingness to follow up on info,

evaluate sources, and think... these would kill a lot of dumb

rumors. Do you really believe the 7th season of TNG will be

about a Cardassian war, as some Compuserve people insist on

repeating? Roddenberry would rise from the grave and rip

off the heads of Berman and Piller if that ever happened.


"With a little study you'll go a long way, and I wish you'd start now."

- Groucho Marx in "Monkey Business"

ae773@freenet.carleton.ca (preferred)

sjroby@well.sf.ca.us, CIS: 76217,1455

What surprised me was the identity of the only person to respond: Kate Orman. At the time, her first novel was months away from publication, and I'd never heard of her, though later I became aware of her writing and occasionally looked at the books on store shelves. But I wasn't yet a big Doctor Who fan, so I passed. Three years ago I became a full-fledged convert and had to pay rather more for some of those books. I swapped emails with Kate a year or two ago when she was offering copies of one or two of her hard-to-find Bernice Summerfield novels for sale. She didn't remember me, of course, because it's been quite a few years since we were both part of the same Trek mailing list. I didn't post much and she left because Australia was falling too far behind for her to keep up with the DS9 discussions. So there's not much of a connection there at all. Still, it's neat to see who it was who welcomed me to rec.arts.startrek.current...

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