Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Fun with search tools

John Patuto, webmaster over at Cygnus X-1, suggested I try FreeFind as another way to help users on my site. He's been happy with the way it works on his. I'd already been looking into Google free search and was looking for other options, so I created a little test page.

I've got the site registered with FreeFind, Google, and FusionBot. Based on just a little playing around, I'm already inclined to agree with John about FreeFind. Google is almost useless because it can't index only a subdirectory of a server, as far as I can tell, and searching all of is far from ideal. I like the look of FusionBot and the fact that it places ads at the end of the search results list rather than the beginning, unlike FreeFind, but FreeFind finds more pages with hits.

I may also try Thunderstone's Webinator and PicoSearch. But FreeFind is off to a good start.

(Now playing: John Foxx, "Invisible Architecture," Cathedral Oceans.)


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