Friday, August 13, 2004

Not Just a Geek

I'm about halfway through Wil Wheaton's new book, Just a Geek, and I recommend it highly. It's not a memoir of his time on TNG; instead, it's a book about his struggle to find a life for himself in the years since he left the show and failed to get the major movie career he (not entirely unreasonably) expected would materialize. It's open, candid, honest, and sometimes emotionally wrenching.

So long, TrekRPGNet...

Don Mappin, Trek RPG writer for Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, has announced that he's shutting down the TrekRPGNet website. It's not a complete surprise, because a lot of the content that had been there has been gone for some time, and the forum was the main thing still going. But it was a pretty busy and informative forum, even for a guy like me who doesn't actually play role playing games but likes the books.

Though he's dropping the site to focus on work, his family, and life in general, Don apparently doesn't think the near future is going to be a great time for Trek RPG players. Decipher has little to no intention of publishing the RPG material they've announced and postponed, and they're trying to sell the game to another company. Not that there are as many companies as there used to be, nor is there as much interest in Star Trek as there used to be. I'm not even a gamer and I've found Decipher's actions frustrating. I can only imagine what someone who plays and really cares for the game feels now.

I'm probably going to have to fix a few links on my website. Among other things, TrekRPGNet was once the place to get the electronic versions of a couple of books from the Last Unicorn Games version of the Trek RPG that just missed been published when Last Unicorn lost the licence. There's still the new version of the Decipher website, but I suspect that'll be gone before long.

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