Thursday, July 13, 2006

The $100 version or the $500 version? Decisions, decisions...

If you can't afford to bid a few thousand dollars for anyof the items at Christie's Star Trek auction, you can always buy a copy of the catalogue. There's a two-volume set for $100 (well, $81 if you preorder in the next week or two) and a special limited edition boxed set for $500.

I've never bought anything through a major auction house, but many years ago I did buy an auction catalogue for its illustrations: Sotheby's Roger Rabbit book. I need to get a copy of this catalogue. In the interest of financial stability and marital harmony, I went for the cheaper option.

The auction itself is on October 5, and the catalogue is expected to start shipping a few weeks before the auction.


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Psiqueue said...

Let me win the lotto and then I will even THINK about getting a copy of the catalogue..

Hell, with a lotto win, I could just buy a Gumato/ Mugatto suit.


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