Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fanzine Gallery

I haven't done a special feature for the Complete Starfleet Library website in ages. So, here's one now: a gallery of over a hundred fanzine cover scans from my collection. For the time being, it's just cover scans you'll find there, but I intend to add a few more along with some descriptive content and commentary. That won't happen for some time, but it should happen eventually.

If anyone has a lot of fanzines I don't have and is interested in scanning covers and compiling info (author/editor, publishing date, contents, etc), and making this a collaborative project, by all means let me know.


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous mmtz said...

wow; interesting set of covers

what's the scale of this project - hundreds of fanzines? more?

At 10:24 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Hi, Mark. There's almost 130 covers in the gallery now, and if I do letterzines as well as fiction fanzines, like the Interstat and Treklink covers already included, I've got at least a few dozen more to add. It's by no means a huge collection, but in this day of online fanfic and young fans with little awareness of what fandom used to involve, I hope it'll serve a purpose. Even if it covers maybe 1% or less of Trek fanzines published. And if I can get more people involved...


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