Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You already know, but...

It bears repeating. There was some interesting news at the New York Comic-Con. Keith R.A. DeCandido spells it out over at the TrekBBS.

The big new developments? KRAD's doing the first book to follow on from David Mack's Destiny trilogy, to be called A Singular Destiny; Christopher Bennett will be doing the next Titan novel, also following on from Destiny; the fourth Vanguard novel, this one by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, is on the schedule; and the Voyager relaunch will continue, with Kristin Beyer taking over for the next book, Full Circle.

KRAD didn't provide details on everything, but I'm excited that we're getting more Titan and Vanguard in 2009. He did provide some very interesting details on a couple of things, though.
A Singular Destiny is a little bit of a different beast. The people who've been clamoring for a Clancy-style political thriller will like this one, as it's about the political fallout from Destiny's events (which will be considerable). It won't feature any of the main crews, although a ship that plays a big role in Destiny will also play a big role here, as well as familiar faces from other parts of the Trek universe. The protagonist will be a civilian character of my own creation.

Oh, and those of you who want to see more of the Bacco Administration from Articles of the Federation, both the Destiny trilogy and A Singular Destiny will feature those characters in good-sized roles.
This sounds like it's going to be something like the last few A Time to... books and Articles of the Federation, on a much bigger scale. This whole Destiny and beyond thing is building up some big expectations.
Full Circle will actually pick up initially where Spirit Walk Book 2 left off, and take Voyager aaaaaaall the way through to Destiny and beyond -- which means the book will cover a few years, all told, and it will set the tone for future post-finale VOY fiction.
The Christie Golden relaunch won't be retconned out of existence, alas, but at least we're getting a new writer involved. ISTR liking Beyer's String Theory novel well enough, so this looks like good news overall.


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