Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fearful Symmetry -- brief comments

It's interesting that the publication delays in that resulted in Fearful Symmetry being so long delayed made it possible to have it come out immediately following the Terok Nor trilogy, because a great deal of Fearful Symmetry is flashback material that nicely complements the Terok Nor books. Readers interested in Kira and Dukat in particular will want to to read this.

The problem is, as good a book and it is (and for a first-timer, it's very good indeed), it's going to be seen not merely as the novel Fearful Symmetry by Olivia Woods; it's also going to be seen as the latest chapter in the DS9 saga, and the first one in two years, and some fans will inevitably be disappointed that the book fills in the gaps of the Kira Nerys/Iliana Ghemor story, looking back rather than forward and not doing a whole lot to move the story forward.

Still... Terok Nor and this. Four DS9 books in a row. Can't complain.


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