Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thrilling Wonder Stories

Haven't actually read all of this yet, but on the off chance that anyone reading this missed the news over at TrekBBS...

The second volume of the revived Thrilling Wonder Stories (a classic SF pulp magazine long ago, now a trade paperback series) is a Star Trek special. There's a bunch of short stories (SF, not Trek) by writers who've written for Star Trek, some reprints (by Harlan Ellison and Theodore Sturgeon, among others), some new, and several Trek-related nonfiction articles. Here's the back cover copy:
They imagined new worlds... new life... new civilizations

They're the writers of Star Trek and we've got them here!

All-new stories from writers of TV Trek:
David Gerrold ("The Trouble With Tribbles")
Norman Spinrad ("The Doomsday Machine")
Larry Niven (the animated series' "The Slaver Weapon")
Michael Reaves (TNG's "Where No One Has Gone Before") and Steve Perry
Diane Duane (TNG's "Where No One Has Gone Before")
Melinda M. Snodgrass (TNG's "The Measure of a Man")
David R. George III (Voyager's "Prime Factors")

and classic stories from
Jerry Sohl ("The Corbomite Maneuver")
Richard Matheson ("The Enemy Within")
Harlan Ellison ("The City on the Edge of Forever")
Theodore Sturgeon ("Amok Time")
Plus "Arena" by Fredric Brown, the basis of the TV episode, and an unproduced original series storyline by George Clayton Johnson ("The Man Trap")

Marc Scott Zicree, novelist and writer of DS9's "Far Beyond the Stars," celebrates the literary writers who worked on big and small-screen Trek

Crystal Ann Taylor tells the behind-the-scenes story of "World Enough and Time," award-winning episode of Internet series Star Trek: Phase II with George Takei as Sulu

Adam Weiner says "I Canna Change the Laws of Physics!"... but the writers of Star Trek don't have any such qualms!

We take you inside Columbus of the Stars, a 1964 television series proposed by writer-director Ib Melchior (Robinson Crusoe on Mars) about a multinational starship crew visiting unexplored worlds... and show how the pitch crossed paths with a writer-producer named Gene Roddenberry
So it's not technically a Star Trek book, certainly not an official one... but it's a book that should be of interest to anyone who's a fan of Star Trek in particular and science fiction in general. For more information, or to order a copy, visit the Thrilling Wonder Stories website.


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