Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things you didn't know about Star Trek: The Next Generation

Some samples of the forgotten knowledge buried within the Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual:

Excerpts from Academy Slang
An individual who is undergoing an examination or test without being aware of the nature of the problem. The term is derived from the "Kobayashi Maru."
A person with no real conception of reality; an Academy midshipman
To be consumed by a violent rage and to lose all emotional control. The term refers to the cranial ridge of Imperial Klingons and to the traditional Klingon tendency toward violent temperament.
Emotionally disturbed or insane. The word is a corruption of the name Tantalus.
Anyone with a weight problem
Excerpt from The Enterprise Legacy
The Enterprise[-B]'s career ended in a fashion befitting its name and class. On Stardate 2/9208.12, the USS Enterprise engaged an IKS L-24 battleship and a Romulan Nova class battleship, which were working together in the Triangle, five parsecs from the Imperial Klingon States. Though the Romulan and Klingon vessels were defeated, it was a pyrrhic victory, for the USS Enterprise also fell. Fearful of losing any more of its already scarce ships-of-the-line, the IKS pulled back its fleet and cut back its Neutral Zone raids almost to nothing.
Excerpt from Friends and Foes
Imperial Klingon States

Not all the inhabitants of worlds formerly part of the Imperial Klingon Empire have gracefully abandoned their predatory ways. More than one member of the Klingon Imperial Navy has sought the refuge of deep space rather than submit to the common good of peace. Indeed, there are thousands of Klingon "refugees" living in the Imperial Klingon States, located in the Triangle Zone between the borders of the Alliance and the Romulan Star Empire. These dissidents gather in small groups to plot continued violence against the hated Federation and their so-called "traitorous" brethren who have joined the Grand Alliance. From their earliest days, the "neutral" Imperial Klingon States were a haven for disillusioned or frustrated glory-seekers from the old Empire. Recent migrations of ex-Imperial Klingons have brought the Imperial Klingon States much-needed manpower and combat-capable vessels, as well as the disturbingly deluded vision of the Klingons' supreme right of conquest and the necessity of war as the natural order of things.
Excerpt from Biographies
Noonian Soong had classically Oriental features and physical build. At the time of his work on the android project, he was a balding man whose beautiful gray eyes were hidden behind thick, heavy-rimmed spectacles.


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