Sunday, January 24, 2010

Updating the website

I've spent a few hours today working on the Complete Starfleet Library website, with at least an hour or two more to go. Books missed, books published, books cancelled, books postponed, new info about The God Thing, etc etc etc. Lots of stuff to work on.

One thing I've decided... I don't want to move the four JJverse novels recently postponed to the Lost Books page, because I have a hard time believing they won't appear eventually. So I created a "date unknown" page for the website. There are a few other items that'll go there, too, though I strongly suspect some belong on the Lost Books page by now.

I'd like to think that that Writing Sarek book I paid for in 2005 will appear some day, but the last time the publisher specified a date, it was to say the book would definitely be out in 2008; the last time he mentioned the book at all, it was basically to ask people to buy other Peter S. Beagle stuff from them to help them get the late stuff published. Hello? You already have my money.

Well, back to Dreamweaver... what to listen to? I've been listening to Brian Eno, Zelienople, Demdike Stare, and Peverelist. What next, I wonder...


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