Thursday, July 15, 2010, revised edition has relaunched. The look is new, but some of the core stuff looks similar to what was there before. There are a couple of new features, though: From the Blogosphere, a news feed of posts from selected Trek fan websites, and Fan Sites, a directory that prominently features three of the big Trek fan websites (TrekMovie, Trek Today, and Trekweb), along with about a dozen "additional sources," one of which is described as follows:
The Complete Starfleet Library

Star Trek book collectors and readers can find information on every Trek book published in English, fiction and nonfiction, from 1967 to next year. Online since 1999, it covers over a thousand books and has special feature sections, including a look at dozens of unpublished books.
Well, I think it's cool, anyway. Thanks, Bill and Kristen at CBS.


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Great to have you back


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