Sunday, June 05, 2011

Starfleet Library update

Well, that was overdue. Anyway, a number of items have been added or updated, and the schedule page has also been updated.

Some of the new items for 2011:
The other stuff you probably know about already. (But who would have imagined, a year or two ago, a schedule almost completely devoid of IDW comic collections?)

If I hadn't already more or less given up on being a completist kind of collector, some of this year's unauthorized books might have been the tipping point. We have two books about politics and Trek written by someone whose knowledge of English isn't very good (and whose knowledge of politics I'm not convinced about, either). We have a collection of 285 David Letterman-style top ten lists related to Star Trek, none of the examples of which I've seen have actually been funny. And a thesis published by a company known for charging too much and claiming the authors' IP rights, which is available online in its original form for free.

I may just go for Prime Directive, though -- it's not expensive and it has a very positive quote from Joe Haldeman on the cover. Still, book-length poems about Star Trek as a lens for reviewing one's relationship with one's father aren't my usual reading material. Never hurts to broaden one's horizons, though.


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