Friday, August 05, 2011

Writing Sarek: after six years, some good news

From the latest Conlan Press update, news on Peter Beagle's long, long, long delayed Writing Sarek (I paid for my copy six years ago):
WRITING SAREK — Hardcover Edition

Completion of this book was regrettably delayed by the same Beagle family issues mentioned above. We took advantage of the delay to dig even deeper into the show. That effort yielded more internal Star Trek: The Next Generation production memos related to the "Sarek" episode, several variant drafts of the original script, and a set of unused story pitches that Peter had completely forgotten he had made to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. All of these discoveries will be included now, and we couldn't be happier about that.

Writing Sarek will be wrapped and sent to the printers shortly after manufacturing begins on The Last Unicorn CD audiobook and Two Hearts.

May actually happen before we reach the seventh anniversary of my order, though I dunno... waiting seven years has some serious significance for Vulcans.


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