Sunday, October 23, 2011

IDW reprints Wildstorm

Having apparently given up on reprinting older Star Trek comics (some of which were already collected in trade paperback more than once), IDW is now starting to reprint collections and graphic novels issuing from the previous company licenced to produce orignial Star Trek comics, Wildstorm. Though these books don't appear to be difficult to find in their original editions, The Gorn Crisis and Enemy Unseen are scheduled to be reprinted as part of a Classics line in 2012.

Time flies... turns out Wildstorm published their editions about a decade ago, so these reprints may be of some use to some fans. For fans not addicted to the print format, these stories are also available on the Star Trek comics DVD-ROM collection, which anyone even casually interested in Star Trek comics should have.

As for the contents of these two books... as I recall, The Gorn Crisis was, well, okay, and elements from it have been adopted into the current books continuity. Enemy Unseen collects three short series, one by popular novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido. The alien species introduced in his story has made occasional appearances in the books since then. I don't remember much at all about the other two, except that one introduced some kind of alien space ninjas that were rumoured to be intended as a recurring element in Wildstorm's Trek comics. That didn't happen. I was okay with that.


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