Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I meant to mention that the people who posted the info on the Shore Leave con were ToddCam, Keith RA DeCandido, Marco Palmieri, and David Henderson. I think that's everyone who's linked to in the last post. If not, stand by for Whoops II: This Time It's Personal.

Diane Carey for State Representative?

On a number of occasions, discussions online about Carey's now apparently dormant Star Trek novel-writing career have at some point included the remark that she's been trying to focus on her own work, rather than doing more Star Trek books. I think the only thing that's come out in that time is her novelization of S.W.A.T. Anyway, not being a fan of her idiosyncratic writing style, I can't say I'm worked up about it. In fact, I'm relieved. Why she isn't making a fortune churning out hateful and jingoistic military fiction to the American conservative audience that can't get enough of the stuff and would actually enjoy seeing her express her political views as bluntly as possible is beyond me.

But in the latest reiteration over at Psi Phi, occasional Trek novelist Dave Galanter (I believe that's him, anyway, posting as "Cap"), posted a link to She's running for State Representative in Michigan as a Republican. I thought she was more of a libertarian, but it appears from her website that she has a lot in common with the religious right.

Should I wish her well in her political career, to keep her from writing more Star Trek books? Or should I wish her well in her writing career, because the USA has too many right wing politicians already? What a dilemma.

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