Monday, April 04, 2005

A Star Trek that almost was: Kitumba by John Meredyth Lucas

as the new Enterprise hurtles by, its
speed enormous.


UHURA rises from the communication station.
CAMERA PANS her across to Kirk. She
holds out her electronic slate.

Signal from Starfleet Command, Captain.
Just decoded.

Kirk studies it, turns to ILIA.

Lieutenant, plot a course to Starfleet

Star Fleet --
(sees Kirk's expression)
Aye, aye, Sir.

We're ordered to pick up a patient suffering
from radiation burns.

Surely Starfleet has more complete hospital
facilities than --

Yes. And, with all the tension in this part
of the galaxy, there must be a better use
for the Enterprise. But it's an order.

DECKER is about to add something. Seeing
Kirk's expression, he decides against it.

If you've read Star Trek: Phase II: The Lost Series, or Lost Voyages of Trek and The Next Generation, or The Star Trek That Never Was, you've probably wanted to read some of the scripts for that unproduced Phase II series, and not just the ones that ended up being filmed in significantly different forms. For example, "Kitumba," the epic two-parter about the Klingon Empire, which would have shown us something very diferent from the Klingons we later saw in the movies and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Now, a resourceful Star Trek fan who posts on the TrekBBS as The God Thing has made available the first part of Kitumba, scanned from a copy of the original script, with the second part on the way. You may want to read TGT's posts on the subject. Or you may want to download files 1, 2, and 3 as soon as possible. Either way, we owe TGT and fellow TrekBBS user Lecter, who provided the web space, a lot of thanks for this. Keep it up, guys.

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At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Does anyone know where I might find this script? Do you yourself have it?

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Steve said...

If I knew who you were, I might be able to provide an answer....


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