Monday, July 17, 2006

Just added a couple of items to the Lost Books page. They're both collections of academic papers on Star Trek from the last few years. The editors sent out calls for papers, received a number of papers, talked to publishers, and somehow the books just didn't happen.

I'm disappointed on both counts. The one that's been in the works for a longer period of time was to be a critical anthology on Deep Space Nine. By far the majority of academic writing on Star Trek has focused on the original series and The Next Generation, but Deep Space Nine offered a lot of fertile new ground for analysis and commentary. From its acknowledgment of newer styles of television storytelling to its casting, DS9 was something new in Star Trek.

The second one sounded interesting, too. Called Star Trek: Beyond the US Frontier, it was intended as a collection of papers from academics around the world, examining how the show was perceived and received outside of its home country. There's a bit of that sort of thing (albeit in a more popular, less academic style) in Jeff Greenwald's book Future Perfect, but there's a lot of unexplored territory remaining.


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