Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Pocket Schedule from Shore Leave

I've added all the new info from KRAD's TrekBBS post in the appropriate spots on the ol' Complete Starfleet Library website.

It's a really well-balanced list, with something for just about everyone. All the TV series are represented, as are several of the books-only series (New Frontier, Titan, Vanguard). There's novels and collections of shorter work, familiar faces and a couple of new names, traditional fare and other books that are less so, stuff I'm really excited about and...

Well, to tell the truth, of the newly announced, non-reprint/omnibus titles, there are only two that are leaving me profoundly unexcited. I didn't care for Kevin Ryan's first trilogy and can only wonder how much effect becoming a professional right-wing Islamophobe has cut into his Trek-writing time; as far as I'm concerned, the ideal solution would be for him to focus on that for the benefit of the ever-decreasing rabid Republican and Libertarian ranks. And speaking of Republicans and Libertarians, I have yet to be particularly impressed by Dave Galanter's Trek fiction, so I'm not terribly thrilled about him getting one of the other limited TOS slots. But hell, I'll buy and read it anyway. I'm always open to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised; being proved wrong can be a good thing, sometimes.

On a cheerier note: a Saavik novel by Margaret Wander Bonanno at some point in 2010? How do I volunteer to be a beta reader on that one? Saavik -- and I mean the Saavik of Star Trek II, the one whose untraditional heritage is evident despite its arguable lack of canonicity, not the generic "playing a Vulcan means playing an unemotional and autistic plank of wood" Saavik from ST III -- is the best character to come along in the movies, and it baffles me that so little has been done with her.

Not to mention more DS9, more Vanguard, more Titan, and the chance to see if the Voyager relaunch can be salvaged by another writer.

Boy, I hope this schedule isn't too badly hit for the gremlins of tentativity and subjectivity to change.


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Therin of Andor said...

Howard Weinstein's "Treasure's Trade" (1984) would have been the first original Saavik novel. He read a chapter at the New York Creation Con I went to that year. As you may recall, it was also a Harry Mudd novel. Sounded like fun...


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