Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No, these scriptbooks aren't all going on the website

Three years ago, Roddenberry.com started selling trade paperback collections of TOS scripts through cafepress.com. They did a dozen or so volumes, each containing the same old photocopied scripts and next to no new original content, and charged around $40 per volume. With that quality at that price, even I didn't bother buying them all, and I still had a job at the time.

So now Roddenberry.com has an even smarter idea: every episode of TOS and TNG, published as an individual trade paperback through cafepress, for $20 each. That's over $5,000 to get the full set. I assume they don't expect anyone to actually even think of buying all of them; this is just a replacement for the unbound photocopies they used to sell. But still, there has to be a better way (and a better pricing scheme) than this.


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