Friday, April 17, 2009

Peter David and Robert Greenberger website problem

As posted in various places online, for reasons unknown, the websites of Peter David and Robert Greenberger (who have, among many other things, been very involved in the world of Star Trek books and comics) have been delisted from Google. This is not good. They request that people link to their sites (see above) and, better yet, link to particular items from the sites.

You might be interested in Peter David's bibliography or biography, for example. Or Bob Greenberger's bibliography or biography. If you're at this blog you must already have some idea who these guys are and what they do, but you may not realize how much other stuff they've done.

You may be entertained by some of PAD's blog entries, like this amusing one on Sarah Palin. Or touched by Bob Greenberger's recent post on the 21st birthday of his son Robbie, who died of cancer before he reached that age. I've never met either Peter or Bob in real life, but I've been reading their blogs for quite some time now, and they both seem like good guys. You can follow Bob's RSS feed or Peter's.

So come on, spiders and bots, index away.


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