Tuesday, April 07, 2009

IDW: Bringing me stuff I've bought and paid for three or four times already!

Amazon's got some info on the next three volumes of IDW's Star Trek Archives (and the covers of only two of them). One looks like a straightforward reprint of the old DC trade paperback collection The Mirror Universe Saga (bought the comics, bought the DC paperback, bought the Trek comics DVD ROM). Another has a few issues reprinted by Titan just three years ago.

Dear IDW: I know, I already have damn near everything, so I'm not really the target market, but still: how about more obscure stuff for the Archives line?

Star Trek Archives Volume 5: The Best of Kirk
This six-issue collection includes the fan-favorite "Trial of James T. Kirk" written by New York Times best-selling author Peter David. As the Klingons and Nasguls pursue their vendetta against the captain, a deadly bounty hunter is eyeing the price they've placed on his head. But if Kirk is fortunate enough to survive the encounter, will he survive the attentions of his own Federation, eagerly looking for a scapegoat to preserve universal peace?
Due July 2009. At least some of this material has been published in trade paperback twice before. The three-part "Trial of James T. Kirk" appears in both DC's 1991 The Best of Star Trek and Titan's 2006 The Trial of James T. Kirk.

Star Trek Archives Volume 6: The Mirror Universe Saga
The treacherous but intriguing tales of Star Trek's Mirror Universe are presented in this collection of the 8-part Mirror Universe Saga! Witness the deception and desperation that unfolds as the Empire sets out to conquer another universe. It will take all the guile and cunning Kirk, Spock, and the crew of the Enterprise can muster if they hope to ward off the coming Empire invasion, and save themselves in the process!
Due September 2009. This appears to be a reprint of DC's 1991 collection, Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Saga, reusing the original's cover art. The book reprints a storyline from DC's Star Trek comic issues 9 to 16 from 1984-85. Though the cover art on Amazon shows the title as Best of Alternate Universes, Amazon lists it under the DC title, and IDW's solicitation covers are often different from the final versions, including titles.

Star Trek Archives Volume 7: Best of Klingons
In stories like "The Wormhole Connection," "The Only Good Klingon...," "Errand of War," "Deadly Allies," "Maggie's World," and "Judgment Day," get a close look at the relationship between the Federation and Klingon Empire. These fierce, warring people present unique challenges to the Federation, and in these classic DC stories get a glimpse of what the future holds for Federation-Klingon relations.
Due November 2009. If the information above is correct, this collection reprints the first four issues of DC's original run of Star Trek comics, which began in 1984, followed by issues 31 and 32 from 1986. The first four were reprinted in 2005 by Titan in their To Boldly Go reprint collection.


At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Allyn said...

So, The Best of Kirk sounds like the Sweeney story, plus "The Trial." Interestingly, the information I have calls this collection "The Best of Peter David, Volume 2."

While The Mirror Universe Saga would be big by IDW's standards (being an eight-parter), I'd want the thing to be bigger. Add the Tom DeFalco/Mark Bagley Mirror Universe story Marvel Comics did, and the Mirror Tuvok story that Malibu did in the Deep Space Nine comics.

As for Best of Klingons, the cover has nothing to do with the book's contents, and those are the best Klingon stories they can find? Sheesh.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Well, bearing in mind this is Amazon information, I can always hope that it's not entirely reliable.


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