Sunday, February 22, 2015

What would I like to see?

I want nonfiction books about the Star Trek Online universe, like episode guides of the campaigns, information on their future history, art books, etc.

I want novels and short stories set in the Star Trek Online continuity. I've barely played it at all but it's an officially licenced corner of the Star Trek universe that isn't getting the kind of coverage it could get.

I want unofficial books looking at the fan film phenomenon. Episode guides, making of books, interview books. This is a major phenomenon. It should be covered more.

I want Pocket to expand the ebook line and take more risks. Give me a bimonthly or quarterly anthology series with stories from any series, televised or literary. Let the writers play with ideas that couldn't sustain a full novel, or wouldn't appeal to a large enough audience. Do stories set during the televised runs of the 24th century shows. Do stories at the periphery of known Trek, fleshing out one-off guest characters and worlds.

And I want Star Trek on TV, where it belongs. The last two movies did remarkably well as movies but they've done little for the franchise as a whole.

That's not asking so much, is it?


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