Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sometimes dreams come true

... and it isn't always all that exciting.

Over at Psi Phi, there was a brief discussion a few weeks ago about Star Trek book dreams, started by Shawn H. Golley. I posted, mentioning that I have recurring dreams about finding Star Trek books I didn't know existed, or vaguely knew about but had never seen before.

Last week in Chicago the dream came true. In the science fiction section of Afterwords, I found a copy of a mass market paperback called The Best of The Best of Trek Part Two.

The upside? It's a book I didn't know existed. The downside? This is the third time I've bought the contents of this book.

In theory, the material in the Best of Trek books was all originally printed in Trek, a fanzine or maybe a semiprozine, but that was published so sporadically that I'm sure a lot of the content was only ever published in book form. Anyway, the articles in this book first appeared in book form in various volumes of the mass market Best of Trek volumes, and were then reprinted in a large trade paperback called The Best of The Best of Trek. And then they reprinted the reprint collection! In two volumes!

Maybe I should be happy. This is the first time I've had an unexpected Trek book discovery in about four years. But the fact that I didn't have, or know about, this book doesn't make up for the fact that I had everything in it.

Oh, yeah. I was in Chicago last week. It was cool.

(Now playing: The Warlocks, "Stickman Blues," Phoenix Album.)


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