Monday, May 02, 2005

How did I miss that?

As I mentioned some time ago, FreeFind generates regular reports on the terms people are searching for on the Complete Starfleet Library. Today I got one that showed someone repeatedly trying variations on The Amazing Stories, Pocket's 2002 collection of TNG and Voyager stories first printed in Amazing Stories magazine. Nothing was spelled wrong, but the person kept searching. Why, I wondered. It's there, they should have found it the first time. Uh oh...

And sure enough, it's not there. Yet.

I have the book. I remember discussing it online, and the fuss over the fact that the blurb advertised the presence of some new stories in the book, which was not in fact true. So how did I miss getting it on the site? And how did my eyes glaze over it when I did a shelfreading a year or two ago? I did find one or two missed items when I did that (printed out the title index and checked it against the contents of my bookshelves -- not quite shelfreading as I'd use the term in a library context, but close enough). For example, one or two people had emailed me asking why the site was missing the Pocket book Make It So. I knew it was on the site so I didn't worry. Except it wasn't; I'd somehow failed to add it. Oops.

So I'm adding The Amazing Stories. It'll be up later today. And I'll keep watching those FreeFind reports. (For the benefit of the person looking for Star Tred The Fate of the Phoenix... watch that typing. Aussi, pour les gens qui veulent trouver le livre Le Fils du Passé, on doit chercher en anglais. Ici nous avons seulement Yesterday's Son.)

(Now playing: The Organ, "Memorize the City," Grab That Gun.)


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