Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And the comics reprints keep on coming...

It's been several years since there's been a regular, monthly Star Trek comic, but the interest on the part of fans is clearly still there. Checker has published five volumes so far of what might seem to be a tough sell -- the often derided Gold Key Star Trek comics from the late 1960s through the 1970s -- and with only enough uncollected stories for two more volumes or so, they may actually be able to complete the series. Meanwhile, Titan continues its DC Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation reprints on a more regular schedule.

DC Comics themselves reprinted a number of their Star Trek comics in trade paperback format, and there's some overlap between the DC volumes and the Titan volumes. However, DC's collections tended to cherry-pick, going for particular storylines. Titan seems more interested in working through a run of issues. If that continues to be the case, these are going to be the editions more devoted readers will want. Casual fans may find they have enough in their DC collections. Dedicated Peter David fans will want to keep an eye on the Titan books, though, as they're likely to reprint some PAD comics that DC never reprinted.


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