Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No, seriously, I actually ordered this book...

Where No Car Has Gone Before: Achieving The Impossible by John Mercer and Ken Hudnall, the story of sevenuvnine, Mercer's Star Trek car. I just discovered the existence of this book today, though it was published two years ago. You can see some sample pages here. It's either a self-published or vanity press book. Mercer is the owner of the car, and Hudnall, author of a number of vanity press thrillers, is the writer.

So it appears to be one man's story of putting a bunch of Star Trek photos on his car, getting Trek celebrities to sign the car, and going to cons to show off the car. Not the most obvious subject matter for a book, but at least (unlike vanity press repeat offender Ruby Moon-Houldson) I think I can safely assume it was actually written by these guys and not swiped from a dozen websites.


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