Friday, August 11, 2006

Lincoln Enterprises/ starts script book series through CafePress issued a press release earlier this week about its planned series of script books. Starting this month with an edition of Gene Roddenberry's script of original pilot "The Cage," the series is expected to produce one book per month over three years. Every series, including the animated series, is expected to be represented.

Here's the catch: each $25 (plus shipping) book is available to be ordered for one month only through CafePress. If you want "The Cage" but don't order it by September 5, you'll have to hope it pops up on eBay. I've ordered it, of course. I don't think I really need 36 paperbacks each reprinting a single script, but I'll get the first one and check it out. If it's decently produced I may keep on buying them. Assuming the three year mission actually goes as planned....


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