Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vanguard: Open Secrets

Well, I intended to do the usual longish review, but real life got in the way, so I was a bit distracted at times and utterly frazzled at others and didn't make any notes along the way. Sorry, Dayton, if you're out there.

Spoilers ahead...

What I can say is, Open Secrets was a solid entry in the series, with major developments in several storylines and some big changes for certain key characters. There's a bit of movement in the Shedai story, but T'Prynn and Reyes get a lot more attention. Nothing's neatly wrapped up, though -- this is a middle volume in an ongoing series, and so the big events don't get resolution, they change the course of the story and make you want to read what's coming next. What's next for T'Prynn, assuming the dekatrification actually worked as advertised? How did Reyes end up where he is at the end of the book? What happens next with the Shedai tech and the two remaining Shedai?

So: another really good read in a really good series. It'd be nice to see Vanguard catch on even more if the new movie really does bring some new fans to the books, because even if it's in a different timeline, it's as modern and contemporary as the movie, but with a lot more thought put into the story and the characterization. And no lens flares.

Oh, and I see I need to change the cover scan on the website. Kevin Dilmore appears on the title page and in the acknowledgments but not on the cover of the final version.


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