Friday, July 16, 2004

Of Doctors and Captains


This has been a good week for news, as you know if you follow the sites linked over on the right on a regular basis. A few choice tidbits:


Over at the TrekBBS, Keith RA DeCandido has posted the table of contents for the upcoming Captain's Table anthology. I'm particularly looking forward to the Demora Sulu story by Davd R. George III, Heather Jarman's Kira Nerys story, and Andy Mangels and Michael Martin's William Riker story, but the others all sound promising, too.

Meanwhile, in the Whoniverse, Outpost Gallifrey's news page has had a lot of verrrry interesting news in the last couple of days. Ninth Doctor books, Lost in Time (a three-disc DVD collection of surviving episodes from incomplete serials), and a report that filming is due to begin on the new TV series in the next few days. If you're not a Who fan yet, now would be a good time to start.

(Ah, contentment. I've been snacking on something I haven't had much of since my single days: reduced-fat Pringles with hot sauce. See, you need the reduced-fat ones because they're much crispier. Hold a chip and lightly pour just a little of your favourite hot sauce. Tabasco's jalapeno sauce works very nicely, as does their chipotle sauce, or any of the varied flavours of Louisiana brand hot sauce, or Frank's RedHot Chile 'n' Lime.  I find most of my nicer, more expensive gourmet hot sauces don't work as well because they're generally hotter and thicker.)

(Now playing: Propaganda, "P-Machinery," A Secret Wish).


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