Thursday, August 05, 2004

News roundup, not necessarily all that new...

Not too long ago, I posted about some news from Shore Leave and other sources. And then I was interrupted by life. Here's a quick roundup of some more Trek and other book news.

Star Trek: The Original Series

William Shatner and his usual Trek novel collaborators, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, are working on a series tentatively titled "The Academy," about Kirk's days at Starfleet Academy, drawing on references from TOS and the movies.

Margaret Wander Bonanno is writing a Captain Pike novel, David R. George III is doing a TOS trilogy, and there'll be a TOS short story anthology, all due in 2006 for the 40th anniversary.

S.D. Perry is doing a pre-TOS novel featuring Leila Kalomi, who appeared in the episode "This Side of Paradise."

Pocket is publishing Terry Lee Rioux's biography of DeForest Kelley.

Oh, and Checker's reprint collection of the first eight Gold Key comics is finally shipping. My copy's waiting at my fave comic shop.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Here's a little more info on the two post-Nemesis TNG books I mentioned last time. Michael Jan Friedman is writing Sonnets, a book about Picard and Crusher's relationship. J.M. Dillard's novel "will introduce the new Enterprise-E command staff."

Another book apparently tying in with the A Time to... series is Keith RA DeCandido's Articles of the Federation. IIRC, this was once planned to be part of that series, but grew into something bigger. Imagine the Federation presidency, West Wing-style.

Wil Wheaton's nonfiction book, Just a Geek, is out now. Just ordered a copy from Amazon.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Looks like Una McCormack's book. previously mentioned here, may be called Hollow Men.


The Mangels and Martin writing team are working on a novel about the MACOs, with the unofficial in-house title of Squids and Sharks.

The links will take you to more information and let you know who you have to thank for bringing you this news. (A lot of it is from Jackie Bundy at TrekToday.)

Meanwhile, over in the world of Doctor Who...

Mad Norwegian, publisher of the I, Who guides to the Doctor Who novels and the Faction Paradox novel line, has announced a new series of six books looking at the TV series in depth. About Time will have a book each on the Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Tom Baker, and Davison eras, and a single book covering the shorter Colin Baker, McCoy, and McGann eras of the show.

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