Friday, August 06, 2004

Enterprise is looking more and more promising...

Trekweb reports, and John Ordover confirms, that Star Trek novelists Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens are joining the Enterprise staff as story editors. I've already been intrigued by the news that Manny Coto will be running the show and some announced plans for tying the show more closely to the Star Trek universe as we know and love it. All this should be enough to make up for Evil Alien Space Nazis. I hope.

I don't think I've read a novel by the Reeves-Stevenses I didn't like. I do think their collaborations with William Shatner go way over the top, but it's hard to judge which party is responsible for making the survival of the universe in the 24th century depend on the resurrected James T. Kirk time and again. It might be the Reeves-Stevenses doing that. I dunno. But even those preposterous stories are well told and have lots of good moments.

Federation is still frequently mentioned by fans as an all-time favourite, years after much of it was contradicted by the film Star Trek: First Contact. That's because it's a damn good story. Their Millennium trilogy was not only an epic adventure in its own right, it also tied in with The Fallen, a DS9 computer game that I enjoyed for many, many hours.

The Reeves-Stevenses have also written some essential nonfiction books on Star Trek, most notably The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Phase II: The Lost Series.

So I'm happy about this.

Speaking of The Fallen, I just noticed that there's some people working on a new mission for the game. See the Fusion Creative Design site for more information.

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