Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Some of us have been waiting a long time to be able to read the full run of the 1979-1983 Star Trek daily newspaper comic strip (considerably more probably never knew there was such a thing). A few years back, it looked like there might be a Pocket book collecting the strips, but despite a heroic international effort to pull together copies of all the strips (I sent the compiler, Rich Handley, scans of the first seven months' colour Sunday strips), it fell through because of legal issues. (You could find out more at the Lost Books page.)

Well, never say die. Rich and a collaborator whose name I don't know have tidied up the strips, organized them, and made them available on CD ROM. Email Rich for more info.

Wow. I have from July 1980 through to the end of the strip to read...

(Incidentally, the graphic above is not what you'll get. I shrunk both the image size and file size to use it here as an example.)

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