Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I was already thinking about giving up on being a completist

And I thought the Starfleet Daily Affirmations books were flaky.

Star Trek Revealed: The Spiritual Dimension of the Original Series by Carole Devine will be published in October. Apparently, Star Trek isn't about a positive future made possible by science and technology; it's a new age parable, and astrologer Devine wants to tell us how Star Trek is all about creating our own realities.

The listed publisher is Bruce & Bruce, though other bookstores show it as an AtlasBooks title. Atlas looks like an AuthorHouse-style vanity press.

At one point, I thought I might try to be a Doctor Who completist, or at least keep up with all the new Doctor Who books, but I gladly passed up on the chance to buy a few books on how the new Who promotes Christianity. This book, along with the Cafepress scriptbooks, may be just enough to stop me from being a Trek books completist....

How to make money from selling Star Trek memorabilia

Evidently the way to make money from selling Star Trek memorabilia is to sell a lot of CDs that are supposedly about selling Star Trek memorabilia. There are more than 40 listings on Amazon for audiobooks published in 2007 about making money from Star Trek memorabilia.

Here are some of the titles:
  • Successful Sales Strategies For Selling Star Trek Memorabilia Online
  • How To Sell Star Trek Dolls Online With Absolutely No Inventory
  • Learn the Star Trek Memorabilia Online Business Godfather Principles
  • Star Trek Memorabilia Internet Business Building Bootcamp
  • The Secret Make An Extra Income, Success Principles and Biz Networking for Star Trek Dolls On-line Businesses 3 CD Course
  • Unraveling The Inner Game To Star Trek Memorabilia Sales Success Online
  • The Techie Stuff: Setting Up Your Star Trek Memorabilia Online Storefront
All of them sold through but not by Amazon. It looks like they're all basically the same thing, judging by the one negative comment posted, with probably no Star Trek-related content at all:

1 out of 5: "the disc received was how to start a web business and had nothing to do with the title given"
Date: 4/11/2007 Rated by Buyer: james w.
Seller Response: "We wished that you had contacted us about your order. You ordered, "Earn Extra Money In Your Spare Time Selling Overseas Outsourcing Services On-line". Selling anything online *is* about starting a web business."