Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fanzine Gallery

I haven't done a special feature for the Complete Starfleet Library website in ages. So, here's one now: a gallery of over a hundred fanzine cover scans from my collection. For the time being, it's just cover scans you'll find there, but I intend to add a few more along with some descriptive content and commentary. That won't happen for some time, but it should happen eventually.

If anyone has a lot of fanzines I don't have and is interested in scanning covers and compiling info (author/editor, publishing date, contents, etc), and making this a collaborative project, by all means let me know.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's not every day I get a press release in my inbox

There's an animated Star Trek book coming this year. I've got the author's book on Bewitched, and I really ought to read it one of these days. This one won't sit unread for nearly as long.

BearManor Media


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Herbie J Pilato

(The Bionic Book, Bewitched Forever)

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The Cosmic Companion To The Animated Edition Of The Original Television Classic

Before The Motion Picture initiated a theatrical film series; before The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager and Enterprise embarked on the small screen, Trek fans were treated to a kaleidoscopic version of Gene Roddenberry's initial celestial hike-oriented series. Save for Walter Koenig as Mr. Chekov, all of The Original Series performers supplied their voices for The Animated Show. Back on the beaming Enterprise was Classic Trek's titled triad consisting of William Shatner's sturdy Captain Kirk, DeForest Kelley's fervent Dr. McCoy, and Leonard Nimoy's discerning Mr. Spock.

Also on board: George Takei (as Mr. Sulu, the trusted helmsman), Nichell Nichols (Lt. Uhura, the elegant communications officer), Majel Barrett (the Spock-adoring Nurse Chapel), and James Doohan ( as the miracle working Chief Engineer Montgomery Scotty). Roddenberry drafted the successful Filmation animation company (Fat Albert, He-Man), helmed by producers Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott, and associate producer/director Hal Sutherland, who worked for Walt Disney films like Lady and the Tramp (1955) and Sleeping Beauty (1959). Long-time Trek veteran DC (Dorothy) Fontana was then slated as story editor/associate producer, Ervin Kaplan was pegged as background director, and art director Don Christianson was enlisted, as were approximately 74 artists and animators.

Now, author Herbie J Pilato will soon have published Trek's Saturday Morning Star Guide: The Cosmic Companion To The Animated Version Of The Original Television Classic, which will chronicle the history of a unique addition to the Star Trek universe. Tracing the evolution from the pilot, to offering commentary from those behind the scenes, this book will plot the day-to-day course of what it required to produce the two-year Star sequel which, for many aficionados, concluded NBC's initially aborted five year mission of the inaugural Enterprise. Written with a conversational, yet economic style, Trek's Saturday Morning Star Guide will include approximately 200 pages, 85 photographs and illustrations, feature comments from the cast and production team, and be published at Christmas 2008 – just in time for the debut of J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek feature film.

About the Author

Screenwriter, author, and actor Herbie J Pilato’s other books include BearManor Media’s Life Story – The Book Life Goes On: TV’s First and Best Family Show of Challenge and The Bionic Book: The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman Reconstructed, as well as Bewitched Forever, The Kung Fu Book of Caine and The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom. He’s appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows (including General Hospital, and The Bold and The Beautiful), and is presently developing several television shows and feature films.

About BearManor Media

BearManor Media - a small press that publishes BIG books - takes pride in publishing quality entertainment/nostalgic books and biographies on unique subjects, including: Quantum Leap: Another Time, Another Place by Richie F. Levine and Judith Noose and I Love The Illusion: The Life And Career of Agnes Moorehead by Charles Tranberg (and for which Herbie J Pilato has written the Epilogue). To learn about these or other BearManor Media titles, please visit